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Investments in machinery equipment

Our machinery equipment was increased with two 5-axes milling machines with robot cell and pallet changing system.
For the improvement of the hygienic cleanness of our precision parts a 3-level-compact-cleaning system was put into operation.

New MIM-Technology

We have recently been offering our customers the production of metal-powder-injection molded parts. "Metal Injection Molding" - MIM for short - competes with metal-cutting, press-sintering and precision casting. The MIM process always has advantages where, for large quantities, complex geometries, special material requirements, high precision and low error rates are required or expensive rework is to be avoided. Components produced by metal- powder-injection have a very high density (> 96%) and have comparatively mechanical material properties, such as e.g. machined workpieces.

New Engel injection moulding machine

For large and technically complex moulding tools, we use an injection machine with a closing force of 120 tons and tie-bar-less technology. The machine is equipped with robots and handling devices in order to achieve higher machine utilization and efficiency.

New 5-Axis-Milling Machine

The machine park was expanded with a 5-axis milling machine with a rotary/tilt table supported on both sides. The machine enables the workpieces to be fed in automatically, leading in optimal machining performance and best efficiency to reduce unit costs according to the best price-performance ratio.

Individual laser labels

In the case of laser labels, which are produced quickly, automatically and individually, material stress can be avoided by the non-contact and therefore force-free application. Thus, the attachment of writing, pictures, logos or very small machine-readable markings - e.g. QR-Code or barcode - directly on the product is possible.

Proven competence at a new location

So that we can also continue to implement this attitude towards precision for our customers, and ensure quality and security of supply, in 2010 we constructed forward-looking company premises. The state-of-the-art production and administration areas, covering a total area of 2,600 m², now give us the flexibility to adjust machine capacity and new production units to customer requirements.

Current ISO certification

Quality in every regard is our business card, and that‘s why our very highly qualified QA personnel use the latest testing equipment to monitor all procedures and production processes. Thus we meet the highest quality requirements and guarantee our customers production certainty, for which we give binding assurance before each contract. The ISO 9001:2015 certification of our company is an example of our first-class quality and our dedication.

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